100% Natural & No Additives

Not From Concentrates, Only Handpicked Fresh Fruits

Cold-Pressed & NOT Pasteurized

Healthy & Reliable

Traditional Homemade Recipes

About Us

Farillia is a leading and pioneering brand in juice industry specializing on 100% Freshly Squeezed and Snap-Frozen Fruit Juices as well as Homemade Traditional Recipes. Our success lies in state of the art Cold-Press Technique. Farillia Juices carry NO additives, NO Concentrates (NFC) and yet, they are NOT Pasteurized. Just like squeezed at home; Pure, Raw, Healthy and Tasty!

We are proud to share our products with HORECA clients from all over the world, for the time being only…

Our aim is to deliver all these tastes and healthiness preserving their nutritional values and naturalness as many people as possible through reliable and fast approach.